Revive and Thrive #EarthDay

April 2018

Today 22nd April, marks Earth Day, a global event supported by over 1 billion people to promote the conservation and protection of the environment. For many within the developed world, this occasion is used as a day of political action and civic participation, addressing environmental concerns to foster a clean, sustainable environment and protect our planet for future generations. This year at WaterHarvest however, we would like to use Earth Day to announce our new appeal, Revive and Thrive, which focuses on the replenishment of land and the surrounding environment in rural India.

For many poor farmers in rural India, the grazing land they depend on has been severely degraded following an era of overexploitation and mismanagement. Already diminished by urbanisation and development, nomadic herding has nowhere to turn; farmers are faced with a downward spiral of impoverishment. Unable to feed their herds, these suffering farmers are stripped of their income and their way of life. The Revive and Thrive appeal aims to help farmers regain control of their lives and enable a better future. By regenerating degraded pasture land and the surrounding environment, together we can help these farmers live their lives again.

Please take a look at our Revive and Thrive appeal to see how we are going to restore the lives of these hardworking people and the land they live on. Together we can allow both to flourish, but we need your help. The appeal can be seen at https://water-harvest.org/revive-and-thrive-appeal-update-chauka-construction-begins-in-balapura-and-antoli-village/

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