WaterHarvest is a UK Water Charity

We work to provide clean, year round drinking water to remote, rural communities.

A little about us

WaterHarvest has over 37 years of history, originally starting in 1987 as ‘Wells for India’, when founders Dr. Nicholas Grey and his wife Mary visited the state of Rajasthan in north-west India and saw for themselves the hardship faced by people in remote, rural villages affected by drought.

We have a small team in the UK, supported by an active board of trustees and an advisory panel.

We are registered in England and Wales as company no. 6484901 and as charity no. 1127564.

Our strategy

Our fundraising promise

We work hard to make your donation have the greatest impact possible. We keep all our costs low, including our fundraising costs. We look for a community contribution and also leverage funds from local and national levels of government and corporates where possible.

Value for money

Value for money is embedded in everything we do. It’s been in our roots since we were founded back in 1987. We are mindful of how hard people work for their money and focus on maximising the impact of your donations.

How we work

We believe that national actors are vital for change in a country. We work with local partners to develop the best solutions for their communities. We do not seek to impose, rather to offer our help and guidance.

Our UK team

Corinna McShane
Dawn Flach
Operations Manager
Julia Seal
Fundraising Manager

Our Trustees

Neil Mehta
Alice La Trobe Weston
Gareth Davies
Fiona Beukes
Justin Boynton

Advisory Board

Dr Maureen Gupta
Kevin Cook
Dr Max Wilson