News from Ghana, February 2023

We are excited to share an update from our partner in Ghana.

With this partner, we are funding the creation of 22 new water treatment and distribution centres. These centres will form part of a wider rural water utility. The new centres are located in the Krachi East District of the Oti region, in north west Ghana.

As part of this expansion, a new office has been set up in Dambai. The office team is key to the establishment of the water centres in this area. They are working very closely with the women who run these centres, helping them to establish the centre, to treat the water, organise deliveries of the water, troubleshooting, crafting solutions to any problems that arise and also helping with any repairs or other customer service needs.

Each water centre is location in a rural village – supporting WaterHarvest’s mission to help last mile communities to have access to an affordable supply of clean water. Each of the water treatment centres are run by women. Under this programme, the women receive a basic salary in return for keeping the centre open for regular hours. They also collect and keep the income from the sales of the water. However, to ensure that the water is affordable to the community, the price is set by our partner. This is done after much research and analysis. Like all WaterHarvest’s partners, Saha has strong links into the community.   

To date, Saha has partnered with 1,123 women entrepreneurs to provide safe water access to 127,195 people living in 400 rural villages across 22 districts in northern Ghana’s Northern, Savannah, and Oti Regions. We are really excited to be part of this work.

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