Rainwater harvesting in the Dudu District, Rajasthan, India

Year round supply of sustainable clean water to marginalised communities at Sunadiya & Chhappya villages

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Key programme facts/Goals

Rainwater structures

15 domestic rainwater harvesting structures supporting 80 residents & one large structure at a primary school with 250 pupils

Community Support

Supported by our local
NGO partner in India – 
Water Wisdom Foundation

Supporting the marginalised

Reducing the vulnerability of women who collect water from long distances and reducing water borne diseases

The villages of Sunadiya and Chhappya are in the recently formed Dudu district of Rajasthan, India, located near to the famous Sambhar Salt Lake.

The ground water in this region contains high salinity along with higher fluoride levels & is not suitable for drinking or irrigation. The region has also been affected by recurrent droughts, making the search for new and improved approaches in water resources management an imminent need.

Over half of the Sambhar Salt Lake region is home to marginalized communities lacking infrastructure and other services. Many residents belong to minority communities or the lowest ladder of the caste system, suffering discrimination and extreme poverty.


Due to the water scarcity women and girls / even small children must fetch drinking water from far flung water sources. During the summer water is often collected by digging shallow holes into dry river beds. These areas are prone to contamination and could be situated any kilometers away, making water collection more labour intensive.

Providing year round access to clean water at home will be transformational for the residents of Sunadiya and Chhappya. Women and children will not have to walk far distances to alternative sources of water, allowing children to stay in school and women to focus on other important activities.

We are very grateful to The Monsoon Accessorize Trust for funding this programme which will be delivered during 2024.

As previously advised to our supporters, the WaterHarvest India Liaison Office was formally closed on 31st March 2023. This project in the Dudu District will be our final programme in India as our sister organisation the Water Wisdom Foundation (WFF) which we helped to establish, is best placed to continue the work we previously funded. Our former Country Director, Om Prakash joined WWF in 2024 and he is more than capable of managing future local water harvesting programmes without our involvement. In addition, as WWF is not UK based it is able to raise funds from donors living in India and it has also received FCRA registration to enable it to receive funds from abroad.

We will always remain immensely honoured by what we have achieved in India over the past three decades – none of which would be possible without the support of local partners to whom we wish every success in the future. We would also like to acknowledge all the funders and donors who have supported our programmes in India, with special thanks to the Monsoon Accessorize Trust who have generously supported this work in recent years.

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