WaterHarvest Strategy Update and Annual Review 2022

We are delighted to share our new strategy update.

This year our work in India continues with a substantial programme in both Rajasthan and Gujarat, working with four different partners. The work continues to include rainwater harvesting in remote, vulnerable communities and land rejuvenation for herders and their families.

However, with WaterHarvest now in its 36th year, Om Prakash and his team are able to manage the programmes with increasing independence, freeing us in the UK to focus on building new partnerships in other parts of the world.  Furthermore, our sister organisation, Water Wisdom Foundation, continues to grow and this year completed a successful programme the Udaipur district. Water filters were distributed to three hundred families in six villages and availability of piped water benefited fifty families. Unlike WaterHarvest, Water Wisdom Foundation is able to raise funds within India and we expect this growth to continue, particularly from individuals and corporates. At present, due to local regulations, WaterHarvest is unable to fund Water Wisdom Foundation. However, we work closely with the team at Water Wisdom to share our experience and knowledge and we hope to be able to fund them in the not too distant future. 
After much research, we are exploring several new pilot programmes in sub–Saharan Africa. These potential pilots are all in rural areas, where access to drinking water is scarce and communities are vulnerable. Like our work in India, we will continue to work through ‘on the ground’ partners with strong local community links and who share our values. Last year, we completed a small pilot programme building rainwater harvesting tanks for schools and health centres in Kenya. We are exploring options with partners and will share more details on these exciting programmes over the coming months.
As a result, our fundraising focus will now be on Africa. Many of our India programmes are now fully funded and, therefore going forward, funds we raise may be used to help vulnerable communities in Africa to have access to clean drinking water. We are very excited about this new chapter and very much hope that you will continue with us on this journey. 

Our Annual Review brings highlights of both our programme work and our financial performance over the last financial year. 

As well as the key financial performance figures and metrics, there is news of our current programmes and our long term impact. 

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