Changing lives in Kutch, December 2022

Damaben Dayabhai Makwana lives in the Wadivistar area of Ratanpar village. She has seven members in her family, who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Before building a roof rainwater harvesting system, her family used water from nearby ponds during the summer, as the water in the wells used in the winter season is saline and not usable. The family members were also facing health problems because of the poor quality of available water. Damaben had to fetch water daily, a 1.5 kilometre walk from home.

Thanks to WaterHarvest, Damaben’s family now has a 22,000 litre roof rainwater tank at home. Prior to this year’s monsoon, the family will be able to fill the tank with purchased water from a tanker. However after this year’s monsoon the family will be able to catch rainwater, providing year-round clean water at home. This will give a sustainable source of water year after year.

Rajiya Khan has two children, and lives with her mother-in-law following her husband’s death 4 years ago. She is the main breadwinner, and was also responsible for fetching all their water.
In winter she walked 1.5km several times a day to the public tank. In summer this is only filled every 15-20 days, so she was forced to walk 3km twice a day to a roadside tank filled by government tankers.

With a water tank, Rajiya has so much more time and is now making quilts, 9 or 10 each month which she sells to make an income. Our partner Samerth has also helped her get government benefits for the family which she didn’t know about before or couldn’t access.

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