WaterHarvest Strategy Update and Annual Review 2023

This year we have delivered 3 programmes in India and 2 pilot programmes in Ghana and Kenya. This work included building 156 rainwater harvesting systems, building one sand dam in Kenya and helping to establish 22 micro water businesses in Ghana. We continue to work in remote communities, where climate change greatly affects the vulnerable communities who are still lacking access to a source of clean water close to their homes or schools.

Latest News

  • Monsoon to mouth

    When looking at the quality of the water in our rainwater harvesting programmes, we often use the phrase ‘monsoon to […]

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  • Four new projects in the Thar

    Our new projects with four new partners took another big step forward with an online meeting between the WaterHarvest team […]

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  • A huge thank you to Julie Bushell!

    Since 2012, Julie Bushell has raised over £9,000 for WaterHarvest through hosting a summer and winter quiz – and also […]

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  • Live from Udaipur

    Om and his team talked – direct from Udaipur -to supporters about the impact of our work over the last year and the challenges of coronavirus.

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  • Clean drinking water for all

    In Rajasthan, there are over a million and a half people living with disabilities. People with disabilities are some of […]

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  • Increasing our work in the Thar desert

    Over 33 years, WaterHarvest has achieved so much due to its incredible, inspirational partnerships with local NGOs. Working with partner […]

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  • Focus on education

    Improved access to clean water and sanitation in schools increases concentration and pupil attendance Drinking contaminated water leads to poor […]

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  • Our Annual Review 2019/2020

    We are pleased to announce that our latest Annual Review is now out. Our Annual Review takes a look at […]

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  • Making a real difference

    With the number of COVID cases in India still rising, we are pleased to bring news of how the programmes you are funding […]

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