Increasing our work in the Thar desert

Over 33 years, WaterHarvest has achieved so much due to its incredible, inspirational partnerships with local NGOs. Working with partner NGOs and communities are the back-bone of our work so much so that without them, we could not have directly impacted lives of over two million people and reach almost 2,000 villages.

Searching for new partners

To continue our work in the remotest and sometimes exceedingly difficult to access regions and villages, I recently made a visit deep in to the Thar desert to meet some incredible NGOs and communities. It is important to work with new partners NGOs and continually look for new project ideas. 

Still so much work to be done

Visting in some of the remote regions of Barmer and Jaisalmer, I found that when you go just five to ten kilometres off the tarmac, you see families struggling to get enough water for their own survival. Women and men described how difficult life is in these remote regions. 

“Every day we need to look for water for our families and our cattle. The saline water underground is of no use. Sometimes, we find less saline water and this is what we drink”

Having less water brings other challenges, like a lack of education and poor health. Having met young boys carrying water for their families on camels, it is very clear that there is much work that needs to be done here. 

Innovation, dedication and shared values

At WaterHarvest, we always look for new partners and new villages where we can bring our help – our experience and expertise. Combining this with the partner’s knowledge of the communities and local area enables us to implement a sustainable programme. Working with new partner NGOs brings new knowledge, skills and motivation. There are always new challenges. While selecting new partner NGOs, we look for shared values, and innovative ideas to meet the water challenges and a dedicated team who will continue to develop and sustain the work. 

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