A huge thank you to Monsoon Accessorize Trust

We are incredibly grateful for the fantastic support that we have received from the Monsoon Accessorize Trust over the last three years. Through their support, we have been able to build over 150 rainwater harvesting structures in Charasada, just south west of Jaipur. As a result, 150 families (around 900 people) will have year round, clean drinking water at home.

When we asked Peter Simon, the founder of Monsoon Accessorize why he had chosen to support WaterHarvest, he shared this with us:   

“Driving overland to India in the seventies, water was a scarce commodity in every country on route. It is even more so today and no more so than the end of the journey in Rajasthan where Monsoon the business started a revival of hand -block printing, an ancient craft in the  surrounding villages to Jaipur.  Water and wells were in dire need so  we remember how crucial they were to the community.

The Monsoon Accessorize Trust fully support the amazing work of WaterHarvest.”

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