COVID update

In light of the distressing coronavirus news from India, we wanted to update you on our India office team, our partners and programmes.

The India office team and our partners are ok but there are many reports of cases amongst wider family members and reports of cases in nearly all the villages that we work in.  We are obviously very concerned for their safety and well being and encouraging them to stay home.

As a result, nearly all the programme work has been paused and only work that can be safely done at home is still going on. We will, of course, continue to support of all our team, partners and field workers during this time.

The India team is constantly reviewing the situation and once it improves, we will restart the physical work but only in a way that minimises contact and we will continually monitor safety of everyone involved.

We did the same in 2020, protecting our teams for three months during lockdown, enabling us to start work without delay when the situation eased. We’re hopeful we can do the same this time.

With the monsoon just a few months away and the temperatures rising, we are very keen to get as many of the water harvesting structures finished as soon as possible. Our programmes also provide much needed employment to these remote communities.

All our thoughts are with India and we will continue to support them. We will update you with any further news.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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