Dug out expansion and rehabilitation project in the village of Sinsina, Ghana

Expanding the dugout to increase access to water

Key programme facts/Goals

Source of water

Providing year-round water supply for the community.

Women entrepreneurs

Supporting sustainable water businesses in a remote, rural village.

466 people

Providing water to the village population.

About the Project

The Sinsina community is situated to the south-east of the capital Daboya. The Saha water treatment centre opened in January 2018 and the women entrepreneurs have been successfully treating and selling water for over five years. The biggest challenge is their water source drying out which forces the centre to temporarily close for up to 4 months, leaving the village with no nearby water source.

Having their dugout expanded
means that the women entrepreneurs can
keep the water treatment centre
open throughout the year, supplying
clean drinking water to the 466
people living in Sinsina. Women and
children will not have to walk far
distances to alternative sources of
water, allowing children to stay in
school and women to focus on other
important activities.

Project News

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