Seeing is believing

A short video clip enables you to see our work from the ground, from the sky and through the different seasons in just a few minutes. 

Please note this blog was published on the 7th May 2020.

Whilst nothing replicates the experience of being on the ground in our programmes, our short video clips do have their advantages. You can visit several villages, you can look at the programmes from the sky using the aerial shots and from the ground and you can see the impact across the different seasons – all in just a few moments and from the comfort of your home. In this week’s WaterHarvest News, we highlight the best of our video content and also urge you to visit our YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc7nowW7cKw7cjmc5zW9qjQ/videos

What we do – A funder’s view 

This video, made for us by the Matthew Good Foundation, shows the work we do, the environment we work in and the impact we have. The use of drones and professional editing takes you on a whistlestop journey through our work. 

Catching the rain in a roof rainwater harvesting structure 

This video shows what happens when the monsoon rains arrive. The water runs off the roof into the guttering, down the guttering and then through a simple filter to catch any debris. It then goes through the downpipes and into the underground tank. Make sure you watch until the end when the camera goes inside the tank. 

How drip irrigation works

Drip irrigation systems help farmers to increase their crops and, therefore, their incomes. As a result, farmers can earn a decent wage in their communities and are not forced to migrate to cities in search of low paid, and often dangerous, work. This video shows the benefits of drip irrigation over the more traditional flood irrigation. 

Visit our YouTube page

These are just a few of our videos. We have many more – going back over time – on our Youtube page. Please take a look.

If there is anything you would like to see a video of, please let us know and we will do our best. 

Best wishes, 

The WaterHarvest Team

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