Pilot Project Complete: Livelihood Support for the Marginalised Families of Pratapgarh, Rajasthan #SocialJusticeDay

February 2018

The District of Pratapharh, Rajasthan, is an exceedingly mountainous upland, surrounded by dry land agriculture. Cut off from government support because of their remoteness, these rural communities are deprived of basic needs and are considered vulnerable from an economic, social and cultural perspective. In order to reduce such vulnerability, our pilot project with Rajasthan Forest Produce Collectors and Processors Group Support Society (RFP), which began in July 2017, sets out to support sustainable water for small and marginal farmers, enhancing fruit orchards (wadi) and vegetable production. Striving for livelihood sustainability and food security, the pilot project lays the foundations for larger scale water resource development, providing greater opportunities and a reduction in poverty among poor families.

To improve the livelihoods of these marginalised families, our project has installed cost effective drip irrigation systems for four families. These water-saving systems offer a highly efficient way to release a suitable amount of water to each plant, reducing water wastage and optimising plant growth. Beneficiary Jamna Bai and her husband Shanti Lal, Kumari Village, are one of the families that have had the drip irrigation system installed. Already, the family has seen a huge improvement in their fruit and vegetable production, recognising their best harvest yet of Guava, Jackfruit, Jamun and Lemons. With the drip irrigation system advancing potential harvests, many benefits for the family will follow – increased income, less debt and better health.

Today marks the World Day of Social Justice, striving for peace and prosperous coexistence, these marginalised families are the ones that need our help the most. As we strive towards equality for these communities, this pilot project sets the perfect foundations to improve the livelihoods of those within the remote District of Pratapharh. Transforming the lives of four families is only the beginning and in pursuit of social justice, more families need help.

Following our success with RFP, we are planning to develop our partnership further with a new project, tackling poverty together within rural communities of Rajasthan.

If you would like to support our work in these marginalised communities you can donate by following the link below.

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