Uganda Schools Programme

Building roof rainwater harvesting tanks in schools in the Masaka District

Key programme facts/Goals

20 rainwater harvesting tanks

Building 20 new tanks in 4 schools.

Community Support

Supported by the local NGO partner

1833 people

Providing clean water to the school populations.

About the programme

Schoolchildren in rural Uganda spend hours fetching water from unsafe sources up to 2 km away. This affects their studies and water borne disease is widespread, costing families unwelcome additional medical expense.

Following a successful pilot project in Kayijja, WaterHarvest is continuing the schools programme in the Masaka district of Uganda. Since September, 8 tanks have been completed at Lubanda and Kiwangala Primary Schools, and we are currently building 12 more tanks at Notre Dame High School and Happy Hours Primary School.

By installing the current 12 roof rainwater harvesting tanks at two schools we aim to achieve safe drinking water, better health and more time in school with all the follow-on educational benefits

Data collected from the schools where tanks are already completed show a 30% increase in girls attendance and enrolment in the schools increased by an average of 25%.

‘The longtime problem of water at our school has been solved. We feel relieved from the long distances moved every morning and evening looking for water from the well in the swamp. We now have enough water for drinking, and washing. We are saving time and energy for our class time.’      Headteacher St Jude’s School, Kayijja, June 2023.

Project News

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