St Jude Primary School rainwater harvesting in Kayijja, Uganda

4 school rainwater harvesting tanks

Key programme facts/Goals

4 rainwater harvesting tanks

Helping build 4 new school water harvesting tanks.

Community support

Supported by the local NGO partner.

311 people

Providing clean drinking water to the school population.

Rainwater harvesting at St Jude Primary School, Kayijja

WaterHarvest has worked with the local NGO, MADLACC and the Emmaus Partnership in the UK on a pilot project to build 4 roof rainwater harvesting tanks. The tanks hold 20,000 litres of water and will provide year-round clean water for the school. Prior to the construction of the tanks, water was collected from a community well 1.8 km from the school. The well would frequently get contaminated with runoff water from the upper part of the hill.

Mr Mark Lule, the School Principal and Head Teacher said ‘We are very happy for the water tanks. We have always had complaints from the parents that their children walk long distances and miss some time to study because of collecting water. Their complaint was always true but the pupils could not spend the whole day at school and learn well without water. We are indeed grateful, the longtime problem of water at our school has been solved. We hope that parents will give us more pupils’. Mr. Umar Ikerenyiye, the Deputy Head Teacher said ‘The water tanks full of water will make the teachers and pupils feel safe, settled and contented. All the water needs are solved. Water at all times is available for drinking, washing and bathing especially for the girl child. Water for irrigating our trees in compound is also available. All the school activities will go on smoothly’.

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