Water kiosks in Oti region, Ghana

22 sustainable water businesses in remote villages

Key programme facts

22 water businesses

22 sustainable water businesses, each in a remote, rural village

Women led

Local community leaders nominate women to start water businesses.

Regular supply

Water sales are increased by ensuring water kiosks are open at regular times.

About the programme

This programme will set up 22 new water businesses in the remote, rural villages surrounding Dambai and Krachi in the Oti region of Ghana.

Every business will be run by a women. The women will treat and sell the water to the local community.

The women are supported through the programmes with technical expertise, customer support and equipment.  They receive the income from sales of the water and also a basic salary through the programme. This ensures that the women earn enough that they are able to keep the water business open throughout the day.

The price of the water is set by the partner, after much research and, at a price which is affordable to the local community.

By ensuring a constant, reliable source of clean water at an affordable price, the community benefits from improved health, better school attendance and more income to spend on other necessities.

Images courtesy of Sara Hylton, Saha Global.  

Water station in Sakpaluwa

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