Rainwater harvesting in Charasada,India

Year round supply of sustainable, clean water to marginalised communities in 5 villages

Key programme facts

240 water tanks

Helping build 240 new water harvesting tanks

Over 10 years

Over 10 years of working with the communities of Charasada

900 People

Providing clean drinking water for 900 people

About the programme

In rural India, girls, as young as 8, miss out on an education and can spend up to a third of their lives fetching water, carrying pots weighing 12kg or more on their heads.

Rainwater harvesting tanks catch and store rainwater. Built from locally sourced materials and using local labour, they are sustainable and easy to maintain. Typically holding around 22,000 litres of water, these tanks can provide a year round source of drinking water at home.

This programme works with the community to build 240 rainwater harvesting tanks for the most vulnerable families. The programme is spread over 5 villages in the Charasada, Rajasthan, India.

WaterHarvest has worked with these communities for over 10 years. During this time, we will have built more than 480 water harvesting tanks. We continually revisit the earlier tanks from previous programmes to ensure their sustainability and incorporate any improvements into the updated tank design.

A source of clean water at home transforms the lives of families, including better health and more time for school, work and relaxation.

Changing Lives

Programme News

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