Land regeneration in the Sambhar,India

Pastureland development and clean drinking water in India’s largest saline lake.

Key programme facts

34 water tanks

Helping build 34 new water harvesting tanks

25 hectors of land

25 hectares of land rejuvenated for livestock grazing

8,447 People

Clean drinking water and pastureland regeneration in 10 villages

About the programme

The programme area, the Sambhar Salt Lake, is India’s largest saline lake and is the source of most of Rajasthan’s salt production. The high levels of salinity make both arable farming and livestock rearing very difficult.

Working with our partner, we are reviving 25 hectares of degraded land using a system of trenches and bunds called chauka. This system harvests rainwater and increases cultivable farmland. The resulting ground moisture supports year-round vegetation, providing a rich source of fodder for grazing animals.

Clean drinking water is also a major challenge in this area due to the levels of salinity. This programme is also working with the local community to build 34 rainwater harvesting tanks to catch and store rainwater, providing water at home.

Programme News

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